YubiKey Setup for Office365 MFA


When provided a YubiKey from IT, this is the process for completing the initial setup.


  1. Double Click the YubiKey Manager Application
  2. Click "Yes" to run the program as an Administrator
  3. Insert the YubiKey
  4. Click on Applications Tab and select FIDO2
  5. Click button to set pin
    1. Pin must be 6 digits in length
  6. Save pin.


  1. Log in to Office365 account portal.
  2. Click on your initials/photo in the top right corner
  3. Select View Account option in top right.
  4. Click Security Info Tab
  5. Select "Add Sign-in Method"
  6. Select the option for Phone (This is temporary and will get removed at the end)
  7. Input your office phone number
  8. Select "Text Me"
  9. Verify the phone number by inputing the 6 digit pin that is sent to you.
  10. Select "Add Sign-in Method"
  11. Select Security Key from the drop down list, and select add.
  12. Select option for USB Key
  13. When prompted, insert YubiKey, enter your pin and tap the button to link YubiKey to your Office365 account.
  14. Delete the phone number from the authentication options while student is still signed in.



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