Welcome Faculty and Staff!

The Participatory Governance and decision-making structure at Imperial Valley College is defined by the partnership of its constituency groups as well as our strong commitment to the shared vision of student success.

The Academic Senate participates in developing recommended policies for Board action, and administrative procedures for CEO action on academic and professional matters, as defined by law.  (See BP 2510 Participation in Local Decision Making)

The Integrated Consultation Council (ICC) serves as the College District’s participatory planning and decision-making body by providing recommendations directly to the Superintendent/President based on input from all constituent groups in four areas:
(1) strategic planning; (2) policy, procedure review and recommendation; (3) problem management, and (4) campus communication.  ICC communicates those recommendations to all constituents’ groups. (See AP 2510 Participation in Local Decision-Making)

Each year, faculty members fill out a Participatory Governance Preference Sheet (PGPS) to help with committee assignments. Faculty appointments to some committees are subject to approval by the Academic Senate. (Academic Senate Contacts: Ric Epps, President at ric.epps@imperial.edu or Jia Sun, Secretary at jia.sun@imperial.edu)

Participatory Governance Form

Completed by Committee Chairs or Clerks