How to Register?

Are you ready to register for classes at Imperial Valley College? Watch the video above and follow these simple steps to navigate the registration process smoothly:

  1. Visit the IVC Website: Start by going to on your web browser.

  2. Access WebSTAR: Click on "Login" in the top black navigation bar, then select "WebSTAR" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Sign In: Use your IVC email address and password to sign in to WebSTAR.

  4. Navigate to Student Dashboard: Once logged in, click on the "My Student Dashboard" card or select "Student" under "Student Self Service Links".

  5. Access Registration: Within the Student Services page, click on "Registration".

  6. Start Registration: In the Registration page, select "Register for Classes".

  7. Choose Term: Select the term for which you want to register and click "Continue".

  8. Search for Classes: You can search for classes by CRN or use the "Find Class" tab to search by subject, course number, or keywords. Click "Search" once all fields are input.

  9. Select Classes: Under Search Results, click "Add" for the class you want to register for. Use the green "Search Again" button to find more classes.

  10. View Schedule: Below Search Results, check your Class Schedule calendar view to plan your classes.

  11. Review and Submit: In the Summary section, review the classes you've selected. Click "Submit" when you're ready to register. Once submitted, the status will change to "Registered".

  12. Remove or Drop Classes: Under the Summary section, use the "Action" dropdown to select "Drop: No W & wth refund". Click "Submit" to drop a class. Note: This action is irreversible.

  13. View Tuition and Fees: Click on the blue "Tuition and Fees" link in the Summary section to view your charges. For questions, contact Admissions and Records.

Attention Students: Pre-registration Survey Requirement To ensure compliance with CA MIS regulations, all students are required to complete a pre-registration survey before accessing the registration portal for each term. Failure to complete this survey will result in a hold on your registration process. 

Steps to Complete the Pre-registration Survey:

  1.  Access the survey within WebSTAR by navigating to the "Student Self-Service Links" card and selecting "Registration Survey."
  2. Answer all survey questions thoroughly and click the "Submit" button. Upon submission, you will regain access to register for classes.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Upon completing the survey (or if you've already done so), you will be prompted to Choose Your Path:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    Schedule Planner: Utilize this tool to efficiently plan your semester schedule.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    Register: This option will redirect you to the registration page in WebSTAR to finalize your course selections.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


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