Filtering the Student List and Taking Action in Starfish

Filtering student lists in Starfish provides a quick and easy way to access student information, take action on a specific student or in bulk, or simply review the list of students associated with your role via imported Starfish relationships. This article will walk you through how to accomplish this.

First, login to Starfish ( > starfish) and open the menu on the top-left (three white lines).

Second, select Students from the list of menu items, as reflected below.



Third, select My Students from the horizontal menu (in the center).


Next, select the connection you would like to view. These options will vary depending on your Starfish role and imported relationships. For example, a teaching faculty member will see a list of courses they teach, and they can select a particular course to view that student list. For non-teaching faculty or staff, they would see the list of associated roles.  In the example below, this faculty member is both teaching and non-teaching, so they see both options.

Depending on how the department was configured, there may be both an ALL ACCESS and traditional role for the same area. This is because that department has requested all the staff to view all students associated with that group (EOPS, for example) as well as view students specifically assigned to that counselor.


Now that you have filtered down your list (you will notice the total student count of that filtered list in the bottom-right), there are a number of actions you can take: 

  • You can further filter by Cohort, or click Edit Filters to access a wide variety of filters (cohorts, attributes, flags, organizations, etc.).
  • You can either select all the students by clicking the top check box on the left or select specific students by checking the box next to their names. 
  • You can raise a flag, referral, to-do, kudos, or success plan
  • You can send a message (this is delivered as an email to the student's email inbox)
  • You can add a note to the student's file (depending on the note type you select when it pops up will determine visibility)
  • You can click on any student name to view their full student profile page (depending on your access level)
  • You can download the list of student names, email addresses, and phone numbers (again, depending on your access level) 

Please keep in mind that any selected filters will stay intact when you log in again, so if you want to go back to the full student listing, be sure to remove the filters you had previously applied.

Happy Starfishing!

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