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Services or Offerings?
Authorizes eligible students to pay in-state tuition.

Submit textbook orders to the bookstore using this textbook order form. This will also notify the curriculum specialist so that they can ensure the textbook is included on the Course Outline of Record as required.

Priority registration status over the general population.

If you’ve encountered any difficulties with your CCCApply Application while registering for classes at Imperial Valley College, please complete this support form. We’re here to assist you!

For committee chairs or clerks to complete to report a vacancy on their committee, so that the President's Office and the appropriate governance group would know which openings exist promptly.

Request a change to an approver/task assignee step in TDX due to staff adjustment, retirement, or promotion.

Form to request to Change Address.

To request changes to the course schedule for a given term.

Service Request for classroom A/V equipment support