Student Equity and Acheivement

The Student Equity & Achievement Program (SEA) is Imperial Valley College's hub for matriculation and equity, ensuring a smooth and equitable transition to college and maintained support for all students throughout their journey at IVC. We validate that many historically underrepresented students face disproportionate barriers to academic success and we are dedicated to removing those barriers. The SEA team will be some of the first friendly faces you meet, whether it's at your local high school, on zoom, or within your transition back to college. We serve all students and take pride in advocating for our students who identify as LGBTQIA+, Black or African American, Veteran, Disabled, Foster Youth, Homeless, Formerly Incarcerated, and Student-Athletes.

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ESL Student Request | Solicitud Para Servicios

If you have an ESL request please click on the service request button on the right and fill out the form. Si ocupas ayuda, presiona el boton nombrado "Request service" y llena la forma.

Presentation Request

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Request for Student Equity Support

The Student Equity & Achievement Program at IVC serves to remove barriers that prevent academic success and well-being of our most resilient students. We advocate for an equitable chance at academic success for students who identify as LGBTQIA+, Black or African American, Foster Youth, Formerly Incarcerated, Homeless, Housing/Food Insecure, Student Athletes, and Veterans. Tell us below how our team can help.

Request for Student Technology

If you do not have access to a computer or internet to complete your coursework, we would like to help. Access to technology is critical to your academic success at IVC. Fill out the form below if you are a student in need and you will be contacted by our team for an eligibility screening to enter our technology wait-list.

Tour Request

Hello and thank you for choosing Imperial Valley College (IVC). IVC-Student Equity & Achievement knows the importance of college visits.